University Building of Mumbai

The University Building of Mumbai reflects the rich architecture and historicity of the city. The building is known for its rich architecture with its highly engraved pillars and ornamented arch. Spread over a huge area, the University building is a living example of French Gothic style. The University building was planned by Sir George Gilbert Scott. The large circular windows with stained glasses skylights showing the various zodiac signs are the main features of the building.

The University has many structures that speaks volumes about the rich British architecture. The main building of the University is a sight to cherish. The architecture of the building draws many visitors through out the year. The main building has many ornamented pillars and highly decorative roof that adds to the glory of the gigantic structure.

The Rajaji Clock Tower within the premises of the University, is another architectural creation of the British ages. The Rajaji Clock Tower is 280 feet tall and gives a breath taking view of the city from the top floor. The decorative spiral stair case is an added attraction to the structure. The Rajaji Clock Tower has the library of the university within its premises. The clock of the tower rings after every fifteen minutes. During the British times, the clock played sixteen different tunes. However, after independence the clock only plays the tunes of "Big Ben". This huge structure was built on the lines of London's "Big Ben". The Tower has been named after "Rajabai", the mother of Premchand Roychand who bore the entire cost of building the structure.

The magnificent University Building is a symbol of modern education which paves the way for young boys and girls towards a bright future.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013