Babulnath Temple in Mumbai

One of the most ancient temples in Mumbai is the Babulnath Temple. The residing deity in the Babul Nath temple is Lord Shiva, who is in the form of a Babul tree. The Babulnath Temple is situated in the South of Malabar Hill towards the end of Marine Drive. Situated at an altitude of almost 1,000 feet, the temple of Babulnath stands pretty looking across the Arabian Sea.

Mumbai is a secular city where everyone is entitled to his or her own religious practices. The city abounds in pristine temples, venerable mosques, The Babulnath Temple was built in the year of 1780. A tall tower was attached to the original construction, which has considerably enhanced the aesthetic beauty of the already artistically built temple. Such is the glory of the temple that one is reminded of Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva's perpetual abode.

With thousands of devotees thronging the temple everyday for offering their prayers to Lord Shiva, the ambiance of the Babulnath Temple is always that of a religious celebration.

Monday is the day earmarked for Lord Shiva. Every Monday the Babulnath Temple is crowded by devotees in order to offer prayers to the God. During Shivratri, a festival associated with Lord Shiva, thousands of worshipers indulge themselves in bathing Lord Shiva in milk.

Reaching Babulnath Temple is very easy as it is well connected to all the important parts of Mumbai. From the temple, the closest railway station is Grand Road. From there one can take a taxi, bus or an auto to reach the temple. A visit to the Babulnath Temple is on the cards of all religious devotees who come to Mumbai. The place gives one the feel of peace and tranquil

Last Updated on 19 May 2011