Jain Temple in Mumbai

Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple is a very beautiful Jain Temple in Mumbai. Jain Temples are as it is famous for their beauty and the one in Mumbai is considered to be one of the most wonderful Jain Temples in India.

The entrance is artistically sculptured giving the whole place an aesthetic richness. Two elephants brilliantly made out of stone are placed on both the sides of the main gate in the Jain Temple. The temple is adorned with colorful paintings, which have been painted very diligently. It is an absolute pleasure to observe and enjoy these paintings.

As one enters the temple, one finds numerous images of different deities and great saints. The wide array of religious idols also contains an image of Lord Ganesh, signifying the past connections between Hinduism and Jainism.

The Jain Community is well known for being a peace-loving one. The Jains religiously maintain their principles and they avoid violence. They take great care not to kill even an insect. Jains are people of strict principles and they are great lovers of serenity. They are self-restrained people and they seek enlightenment. They take great care of the Jain Temples by spending a lot for the maintenance of their place of worship.

For all the tourists in Mumbai, visiting the Jain Temple is a must. It is really something worth watching.

The location and telephone number of the Jain Temple in Mumbai are: -
  • Address: Ridge Rd., Walkeshwar, Malabar Hill, Downtown, Mumbai, India.
  • Phone: 022/2369-2727

Last Updated on 19 May 2011