Walukeshwar Temple, Mumbai

Having inherited a special position for being one among the most ancient temples in Mumbai, the Walukeshwar Temple is very famous among pilgrims. It is located on the Banganga Road of Mumbai. Set on the beautiful backdrop of the Malabar Hill, the Walukeshwar Temple is a popular destination among the tourists. During nights of Full Moon and New Moon, the temple is crowded with numerous devotees.

The Walukeshwar Temple was built around 1050 years ago by the Silharas. It got destructed by the French during the sixteenth century. The temple was re-constructed in 1715 by Rama Kamath. The recent structure of Walukeshwar Temple finally came into being in the 1950s.

The celebrated temple of Walukeshwar has many myths associated to it. It is believed that Rama, the Hindu God, had built a 'Shivlingam' made of sand or 'Walu' and worshiped it when Ravana had abducted Sita. This led to the name of the temple Walukeshwar. Another myth is that, once Rama shot an arrow in the earth resulting into formation of a spring, which quenched his thirst. This place has the current Banganga Tank situated on it.

Every year a Hindustani Classical Music Conference is organized on the Banganga Tank of the Walukeshwar Temple. Eminent singers as well as amateurs perform in the musical festival. It is organized by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. When the enchanting musical notes merge with the divine and serene atmosphere of the temple; it feels like heaven.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013