Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

Located within the University Complex of Mumbai, Rajaji Clock Tower is one of the important landmarks of Mumbai that attracts many tourists through out the year. Modeled on the lines of London's "Big Ben" , the Rajaji Clock Tower was built in the 19th century between 1869 and 1878 by George Gilbert. The tower derived its name from "Rajaji" who was the mother of a stock broker Premchand "Cotton King" Roychand who had borne the entire cost of building the clock tower.

The Rajaji Clock Tower reflects the Gothic and Venetian style of architecture. The tower is 280 feet high and the spiral stair case is beautifully engraved with decorative pictures.

The Rajaji Clock Tower houses the University's library within its premises and is famous for its stained glass windows.

The clock of the tower rings after every fifteen minutes and reminds its citizen the value of time. When it was first built, the Tower played sixteen different tunes like "Rule Britannia" and "God save the King". But with the passage of time the Rajaji clock plays the tunes of the "Big Ben".

The Rajaji Clock Tower is easily accessible by auto, taxi or bus. The magnificent monument gives a birds eye view of the city. However the tower has been closed to visitors after some unfortunate incidents.

The University of Mumbai had decided to reopen the tower to mark the completion of 150 years. The Rajaji Clock Tower reflects the historicity of the city.

The fact that the Rajaji Clock Tower has withstood the vagaries of nature shows the strong foundation of its structure.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013