Books, Music and Toys in Mumbai

Books, Music and Toys in Mumbai are one of the many special appeals of the city. As the land of modern technologies, non-stop fun and amusement, Mumbai offers to its people a captivating array of book stores, music stations and toy shops that come with a flexible price range and extensive variety.

With the establishment of glitzy multi-storied malls which offer Books, Music CDs/DVDs, Toys, brand wares and many more, Mumbai has introduced the concept of one-stop-shop in the country.

Easily available in almost all the prominent shopping arenas of the city, the collection of Books ranges from recipes, beauty tips, film world to hi-tech instruments, latest discoveries, inventions, astrology, child care and so on. Also specially autographed copies are available in select Book stores of the city.

As the motherland of world famous Bollywood, Mumbai boasts of quite a fantastic chain of Music stations that deal with everything that is related with instrumental and vocal delicacies.

With highly developed technology, Mumbai is quite ahead in making and marketing the most surprising collection of Toys that can give a run to the global Toy industry.

The well-known places that claim a special mention for their appreciative assortment of Books, Music resources and Toys are:
  • Oxford Bookstore at Churchgate
  • Sony Collections at Bandra West
  • Pleasure Treasure at Andheri West
  • Big Tom toy store at Colaba
  • Planet M opposite VT station
  • Olympia toy store at linking road
  • Little Angel toy store at Andheri West
  • Rhythm house at Kala Ghoda
  • The Groove at Churchgate and Crossroads
  • Hi-Hat at Khar Danda road
  • Grand The Bookstore at Goregaon West
While buying Books, Music items and Toys one has to visit Mumbai as this is probably the only place where one can get maximum value for money with a world class quality.

Last Updated on 19 May 2011