Gayatri Temple

Gayatri Temple is another important temple among the host of 400 temples in the land of Pushkar. Gayatri was another wife of Lord Brahma. The origin of Gayatri lies in mythology.

When Lord Brahma decided to perform a yagna (ceremonial sacrifice) he dropped a lous flower to determine the place. That is how the lake of Pushkar came into existence. But when He was all set to start the ceremonial sacrifice, presence of His consort Savitri by His side was a prerequisite. But She was delaying. Seeing the impatient Brahma, God Indra, the priest, manifested a girl - Gayatri - as a substitute. Since she belonged to the untouchable class, she was put into the mouth of a cow and removed from the other end and thus purified. Lord Brahma married her and performed the worship on the most auspicious time. Henceforth Gayatri is also revered as a consort of Lord Brahma.

But there is not the end of the story. The act of marrying without Her consent, brought about the wrath of Savitri upon Lord Brahma and He was cursed that He would not be worshipped anywhere else but in Pushkar.

The Gayatri Temple stands on the other side of the lake. You need to climb a small hill to reach the shrine.

Gayatri is also worshipped along with Lord Brahma and Savitri

Last Updated on : March 10, 2013