Saraswati Temple

Saraswati temple is another important tourist attraction out of 400 odd temples in Pushkar. Saraswati is another wife of Lord Brahma. Literally 'Saraswati' means the flowing one. There are abundant references of Saraswati in the ancient Hindu scriptures and mythology.

The Rig Veda refers to Saraswati as the deity of the rivers. The goddess has been connected to fertility and purification.

In some other Hindu scriptures Goddess Saraswati has been looked upon as the goddess of knowledge and learning. Arts, crafts, science and skills have all been ascribed to Her blessings. So for ages, the Saraswati has remained the favorite goddess of the writers, artists, scientists and all other in pursuit of knowledge.

So Lord Brahma and goddess Saraswati together represent the creative impulses. The Saraswati Temple houses an idol of the goddess.

Pay a visit to understand why the writers, musicians, painters and artists of ancient India have invoked the blessings of Saraswati since times immemorial. It is believed that beautiful surrounding of Pushkar Lake, with hills, temples and myths stimulates the creative faculties of men.

Last Updated on : March 10, 2013