Mahadev Temple

Mahadeva Temple in Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva. The god is one of the Hindu Trinity that represents Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. According to the Hindu Puranas, Lord Mahadeva is the god of destruction.

There are several myths and legends centering round Lord Mahadeva. Ash-smeared and clad in tiger Skin, He holds a Trishul in his hand and a bull is his pet. According to the legends, the river Ganges has been created from His locks of hair.

The temple of Mahadeva in Pushkar was built in 19th century. The shrine houses a white marble image of lord Mahadeva with five faces. The idol is adorned with intricately designed ornaments.

The structure of the temple, embellished with carvings and sculptures also deserves a mention.

Last Updated on : March 10, 2013