Holy Dip in Pushkar

Holy Dip in Pushkar Lake is considered by the Hindus to bring them good luck and ward of all sins and evils. Pilgrims turn out in hordes every year at Pushkar to take a dip in the pure waters of the lake which is believed to contain medicinal and curative powers. One such occasion when there is a major rush is that of Karthik Poornima. It falls in the month of Karthik which is roughly around October and November. This period is considered to be particularly auspicious for a dip in the lake waters.

The Pushkar Lake is held to be devout particularly because of the myth surrounding its origin. The place where the lake stands today is believed to be one where a lotus fell down from Lord Brahma's hand when he was frantically searching for a place to perform a Yagna. Water immediately came out in a spurt and resulted in the creation of the lake.

The water of the various ghats of the lake is deemed to be vested with curative powers. While a dip in the Mrikand Muni Kund gives the pilgrim an opportunity to be blessed with an elevated wisdom in worldly matters, the Naga Kund is believed to contain powers of rejuvenation and fertility. The water of the Roop Tirtha ghat is believed to enhance beauty and charm. Another important bathing ghat is the Varah Ghat. Legend has it the Lord Vishnu appeared in this ghat in the incarnation of a boar.

Hindus come to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake for redeeming their lives. The faith of the people is strong and so are their beliefs. Mortal sins are completely purged if someone spends three twilights in the city followed by subsequent dips at three ghats. Every Hindu looks forward to a dip in the Pushkar Lake once in his lifetime. Pushkar Lake ranks high amongst the holy places of India.

Last Updated on : June 19, 2013