2010 Commonwealth Games, Boxing

The mega sports event held every 4 years the2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi this year was an absolute success. There were 31 sports and 7 "Para - sports" events at the commonwealth Games were classified into 17 disciplines.

Boxing is one among the popular games that are played at the Commonwealth Games. Among the very few games that have made its appearance in all the Commonwealth Games, boxing is one of them. It is a "core sport" and is meant only for men.

Boxing was one of the most awaited sports scheduled to be held at the 2010 Commonwealth Games at Delhi. All the boxing events were set according to rules laid down by the "International Amateur Boxing Association" (AIBA). The sport was played maintaining the knockout format whereby the winner from each bout proceeded to the following round.

Below is the list of the various categories and format of the boxing championship at the Commonwealth Games 2010.
  • Light Flyweight Division (48kg)
  • Flyweight (51kg)
  • Bantamweight (54kg)
  • Featherweight (57kg)
  • Lightweight (60kg)
  • Light Welterweight (64kg)
  • Welterweight (69kg)
  • Middleweight (75kg)
  • Light Heavyweight (81kg)
  • Heavyweight (91kg)
  • Men Super Heavyweight Division (over 91kg)
For each category, the Commonwealth Games Association allowed only 1 athlete to enter the competition. 10 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 20 bronze medals in total were being competed for at the boxing championship. The venue for the boxing competition was the Talkatora Indoor Stadium, Delhi whereas the training venue was Delhi University 4 Rings.

Below is the list of the winners in Boxing at the Commonwealth Games 2010

Event Men Position Country
Boxing - + 91kg - Men Paramjeet Samota 1 - Gold India
Boxing - -49kg - Men Patrick Barnes 1 - Gold Northern Ireland
Boxing - 52kg - Men Suranjoy Singh Mayengbam 1 - Gold India
Boxing - 56kg - Men Manju Dine Wanniarachchi 1 - Gold Sri Lanka
Boxing - 60kg - Men Thomas Stalker 1 - Gold England
Boxing - 64kg - Men Manoj Kumar 1 - Gold India
Boxing - 69kg - Men Patrick Gallagher 1 - Gold Northern Ireland
Boxing - 75kg - Men Eamonn O'Kane 1 - Gold Northern Ireland
Boxing - 81kg - Men Callum Johnson 1 - Gold Scotland
Boxing - 91kg - Men Simon Vallily 1 - Gold England

Last Updated on : 26 October 2010