2010 Commonwealth Games, Rugby

Introduced for the first time in the Commonwealth Games of 1998, held in Kuala Lumpur, Rugby is a core sport of this major sports event. Other than boxing, this sporting event sees the participation of men athletes only. In the Commonwealth Games, rugby is played with 7 players; the game originally includes 15 players. This event was included in the programs of 2010 Commonwealth Games.

In the 2006 Commonwealth Games, held in Melbourne, 16 nations had competed for the medals. The countries were New Zealand, Wales, Kenya, Namibia, England, Fiji, Australia, Scotland, Cook Islands, Niue, Sri Lanka, Samoa, Uganda, Tonga and South Africa. While the gold medal was won by New Zealand, silver medal and bronze medal were won by England and Fiji respectively.

New Zealand is the only Commonwealth country to have won gold medals in rugby. The game has been played thrice in this grand sporting event and New Zealand tops the chart with 4 gold medals. The other countries that have won medals in rugby in Commonwealth Games are England which has won one silver medal, Fiji which has won two silver medals and one bronze medal and South Africa which has won one bronze medal so far.

2010 Commonwealth Games, which was held in Delhi, witnessed the participation of 16 teams. Each team consisted of 12 players. The event was held for two days, 11th and 12th October. 42 games were played in total. The 16 teams were divided into four pools and the round-robin was followed. The performance of the teams in each game decided its progress to the finals. All the teams were competing for the gold medal. The North Campus of Delhi University was chosen as the venue for the games and the practice venues were Delhi University and Jamia Milia Islamia.

Below is the result of Rugby at 2010 Commonwealth Games

Event Position Country
Rugby 7's 1 - Gold New Zealand

Last Updated on : 26 October 2010