2010 Commonwealth Games, 2010, Weightlifting

Weightlifting became popular during the conclusion of the nineteenth century. It has been recognized as a core sport at the Commonwealth Games. It made its first appearance at the Commonwealth Games of 1950 at Auckland. Weightlifting was one of the major events of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India. This year the competition of weightlifting was really a treat to watch for the spectators since some of the best lifters from across the globe had participated in the event.

There will be in total 8 categories of weight for men and 7 categories of weight for women, at the weightlifting event of 2010 Commonwealth Games. These categories are as given below.

Men's Events

  • Men's 56 Kg
  • Men's 62 Kg
  • Men's 69 Kg
  • Men's 77 Kg
  • Men's 85 Kg
  • Men's 94 Kg
  • Men's 105 Kg
  • Men's + 150 Kg

Women's Events

  • Women's 48 Kg
  • Women's 53 Kg
  • Women's 58 Kg
  • Women's 63 Kg
  • Women's 69 Kg
  • Women's 75 Kg
  • Women's + 75 Kg
Apart from these events there was also one "Men's EAD Powerlifting" event which included all the other weight events. In every weight category, the players were given 3 chances to complete "snatch and clean" as well as "jerk lifts". The final position of the players was determined by the player's performance in both the movements together.

There were 8 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze medals for men and 7 silver and 7 bronze medals for the women. 2 lifters were allowed to participate for one particular weight division. The maximum numbers of players who could enter the weightlifting championship were 8 players for men and 7 players for women.

J.N. Sports Complex, Delhi played host to the weightlifting sport event while the training venue was Games Village. The event was scheduled to take place from 4th to 12th October, 2010. There were also "Para - Powerlifting Events" for the disabled athletes.

Below is a list of the winners of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Weightlifting

Event Men Position Country
105kg Niusila Opeloge 1 - Gold Samoa
10 m Air Rifle Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim 1 - Gold Malaysia
62kg Aricco Jumitih 1 - Gold Malaysia
69kg Ravi Kumar Katulu 1 - Gold India
77kg Yukio Peter 1 - Gold Nauru
94kg Faavae Faauliuli 1 - Gold Samoa
+ 105kg Damon Joseph Kelly 1 - Gold Australia
Bench Press Para Sport Position Adesokan YAKUBU 1 - Gold Nigeria

Event Women Position Country
48 kg Augustina Nkem Nwaokolo 1 - Gold Nigeria
53 kg Marilou Dozois-Prevost 1 - Gold Canada
58 kg Renu Bala Chanu Yumnam 1 - Gold India
63 kg Obioma Agatha Okoli 1 - Gold Nigeria
69 kg Christine Girard 1 - Gold Canada
75 kg Hadiza Zakari 1 - Gold Nigeria
+ 75kg Ele Opeloge 1 - Gold Samoa
Bench Press Para Sport Position Esther Oyema 1 - Gold Nigeria

Last Updated on : 26 October 2010