2010, Commonwealth Games, Lawn- Bowls

Among the 17 disciplines of sports played at the Commonwealth Games, Lawn Bowls is one of the core sports events. It made its debut at the first Commonwealth Games in 1930.

Since it is a core event, it has to be included in every Commonwealth Game. Lawn Bowls has been a part of every Commonwealth Games since its inception except the Commonwealth Games of 1966 at Jamaica.

Lawn balls also featured at the Commonwealth Games 2010 at Delhi. There were a total of 6 events in the discipline of Lawn Bowls. The rounds took place according to the "round-robin" format. The top players of the preliminary rounds qualified for the quarter finals. From the commencement of the quarterfinals the games were played as per the knockout format. Only after winning the semi final round the participants were allowed to compete for the gold medal in the women's and men's single, doubles and triple events. These events were for both men and women.

Categories of Lawn Balls

  • Men's Singles
  • Men's Pairs
  • Men's Triples
  • Women's Singles
  • Women's Pairs
  • Women's Triples
The total number of medals that were at stake for this particular event were 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze each, for both boys and girls. The Jawaharlal Nehru Sports Complex of Delhi served as host to the Lawn Bowls event at 2010 Commonwealth Games. The training venues for this sport were Delhi Public School, RK Puram and Yamuna Sports Complex. The events were scheduled to take place from 4th to 13th October, 2010.

Event Men Position Country
Pairs 1 - Gold South Africa
Singles Robert Weale 1 - Gold Wales
Triples 1 - Gold South Africa

Event Women Position Country
Pairs 1 - Gold England
Singles Natalie Melmore 1 - Gold England
Triples 3 Bronze England

Last Updated on : 26 October 2010