Commonwealth Games Logo

The 19th Commonwealth Games 2010 logo is derived from the Chakra which symbolizes the national freedom, integrity and vigor. Escalating in a progressive mode, the logo signifies the development of India into a vivacious economy.

The nation's expedition from a convention to contemporary, its fiscal growth, economic and bi-lateral ties with 71 CGA nations are some of the factors that are believed to make India as one of the best Commonwealth Games hosts.

It motivates people to exhibit the best of their capabilities and set new landmarks, outperform and elevate the standard to new heights of accomplishment. It is also an invitation to the Indians, especially Delhiites to come out and play the role of a great host at the Commonwealth Games 2010.

The color palette for Games 2010 logo bring together two of the idiosyncratic colors of the Commonwealth Games Emblem. Some of the colors widely used in the Commonwealth Games 2010 logo are:

Green: The tint that represents verve, vigor and energy also symbolize the fact that CWG 2010 will be the foremost Green Games. With high-spirits the color motivates to move in a forward direction, encountering every challenge and conquering obstacles with vivacity and zest.

Purple: Merging the unwavering and soothing facets of blue with the magical features of pink, this color gratifies the desire for encouragement, while adding a tinge of ambiguity and thrill.

Red, Yellow & Blue: Symbolizing the 'Trinity of Values', these three Commonwealth Games colors coalesce compassion (Red), endorsing parity (Blue) and providing various prospects to the sportspersons to comprehend their fates (Yellow).

Pink: This color has been used in the CWG color palette to include a component of revelation and opulence to the Games logo. The color truly symbolizes the magnificent beauty of India and its enthusiastic crowd.

Last Updated on : 14 September 2010