Commonwealth Games Mascot

The 19th Commonwealth Games 2010 Mascot, Shera, rightly embodies the contemporary Indian. His name is derived from the Hindi expression Sher - connoting tiger. In Indian folklore, the tiger is related with Goddess Durga, the incarnation of female strength (Shakti) and the subjugator of immorality.

Tiger is her powerful vehicle, on whom she rides into battle, particularly in her larger-than-life and triumphant encounter with Mahishasur, a demon.

The most noticeable face of Commonwealth Games, Shera is a go-getter with an optimistic outlook. A ferocious contender, he does not compromise on his veracity and sincerity.

The Commonwealth Games Mascot, Shera is a big-hearted gentleman who loves socializing and striking friendship with like-minded people. He is jovial as well as athletic and love motivating people to venture out and indulge in playful activities.

Shera signifies the Indian moral values that the nation boasts of. His dignity, power, appeal, astuteness, athletic dexterity, valor and pace on the field set him apart from other mascots.

He also reminds us of the growing impact of global warming on wildlife and under the kind of flimsy surroundings that he dwells in, and our duty towards the fortification of his ecosystem.

Last Updated on : 14 September 2010