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Asman Garh Palace

Asman Garh Palace is situated in the historic city of Hyderabad. This edifice was conceptualized and constructed by Sir Asman Jah, a noble hailing from the Paigah family and the one time Prime Minister of the ancient state of Hyderabad. Asman Garh Palace is built in a style that is in accordance with that of the castles of Europe.

Asman Garh Palace is located in what was once Chandragiri, the later capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. The forts and mahals at this palace are a major hit with visitors. The fort is believed to have been built in AD 1000 by Immadi Narasimha Yadavaraya. Modifications and additions are later supposed to have been introduced by the rulers of ancient Vijayanagara.

The granite turrets and arched windows of Asman Garh Palace crown a hill located at a short distance from the Hyderabad TV tower. The palace presently contains a museum displaying archaeological relics.

Hyderabad, being the capital city, is conveniently linked by road to all the important cities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Orissa.

Owing to the fact that the headquarters of the South Central Railway are located here, the city of Hyderabad is excellently connected with all the notable cities of India.

Two important stations nearby are the Hyderabad and Secunderabad Railway Stations. Hyderabad possesses an international airport.

October to March is considered to be the best time to visit the area.

The Asman Garh Palace is one of the most notable historical edifices of Hyderabad.

Last Updated on 12 July 2013