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Raymond Tomb

Raymond Tomb in Hyderabad is located in Saroor Nagar which is about 10 kilometers from the city. The tomb was constructed as a tribute to the memory of the French General Michel Joachim Marie Raymond (1755-1798 AD). He started his career as nothing but an ordinary soldier to serve the ruling Nizam of Hyderabad. His sincerity and dedication carried him up to the position of an Army General. He could win the hearts of the people in the army, as also of the the common men. The Hindus used to call him Musa Ram and the Muslims called him as Musa Rahim.

The Raymond Tomb of Hyderabad is a cone like structure. The Raymond Tomb exhibits an exclusive architectural work made of black granite slabs. It has a length of 60 meters, a width of 30 meters and a height of 10 meters.

Whenever you go to the Raymond Tomb at Hyderabad, make it a point to visit the French Garden, which is very near. It has a lush green lawn made of velvety grasses and colorful flowers. You can also find the military barracks which once used to be under the command of General Raymond.

Raymond Tomb is quite close to the Hyderabad city center. Hence you can avail the local transport, which is always there round the clock in the city. You can visit the tomb on all days except Friday. The timing for visit is between 9:30 am to 4:30pm.

Raymond Tomb of Hyderabad is a widely respected place and even today people from every corner of the city gather here to pay tribute to the General on his death anniversary.

Last Updated on 16 July 2013