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Nizamabad Fort

Nizamabad Fort is located in the district of Nizamabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The place is situated at an approximate distance of 200 kilometers from Hyderabad and towards the north west of this capital city. This place lies near to the Maharashtra state border.

Nizamabad Fort was constructed during the 10th century AD on top of a small hill which is located somewhat to the south west of the town. The citadel was built by the kings of the ancient Rashtraputha dynasty who were in absolute control of these areas at that point of time in history.

This fort rears its head at the height of about 300 meters. The control of Nizamabad Fort has successively passed into the hands of numerous different rulers from various dynasties owing to the constant change of the ruling power in the area.

Quite a few architectural modifications were made to the original fort over a period of several hundreds of years.

Nizamabad Fort is well known for its historical significance as well as due to a few religious sites situated within the fort precincts. There is a Rama Temple within the sprawling fort compound which happens to be rather popular with local residents.

The temple was actually built by the famous Indian leader Chatrapathi Shivaji. It comprises vast corridors, mundaps and mahamundaps. Also to be found are certain ancient artifacts hailing from some ancient Jain dynasty.

Nizamabad Fort is one of the many impressive historical monuments of the city of Hyderabad.

Last Updated on 12 July 2013