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Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

50 kilometers away from the main town of Warangal, we find the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the places near Hyderabad, which provides a glimpse at animals in their natural habitat.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1952, is situated beside a man-made lake, Pakhal, and is located at a distance of about 112 kilometers from Hyderabad.

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is a coveted tourist spot for the travelers who want to visit places near Hyderabad. The sanctuary presents a beautiful landscape with a dense and a rich store of animals - it is indeed a delight for the tourists to see so many animals amidst a wonderful backdrop!

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary got its name from the man who had excavated the lake centuries ago. It was in the 13th century that the lake was reclaimed, and from then the sanctuary got its name.

The vast terrain of the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary comprises of about 869 square kilometers, and seems to be the natural abode of the animals. One of the most important feature of this place near Hyderabad is that it provides a wide variety of flora and fauna. This bio-diversity has earned a name for the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Talking about flora, the sanctuary is covered with a dense deciduous forest, interspersed with patches of evergreen trees and shrubs. Among the deciduous species found the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary are:
  • Adina cordifolia
  • Bomabx celiba
  • Bridelia retusa, etc.

Among the evergreen vegetation of the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, we can name a few trees such as:
  • Aegele marmelos

  • Mallotus philippensis, etc.

Some of the animals found in the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary are:

  • leopard
  • sambhar
  • nilgai
  • sloth bear
  • spotted deer
  • mountain gazelle
  • four-horned antellope
  • wild boar, and
  • black buck.

The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is also easily accessible from Hyderabad; and thus it is among one of the hottest destinations for tourists visiting the places near Hyderabad.

Last Updated on 15 July 2013