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Amravati near Hyderabad lies near the bank of river Krishna and is the most sublime Buddhist pilgrimage site of South India. In the ancient days, Amravati was the capital of the Satvahanas. Amravati is the hub of Buddhist stupas constructed by the missionary of Ashoka in the 200 BC. Amravati is located about 307 kilometers from Hyderabad in Andra Pradesh.

It is believed that Lord Buddha delivered his first Kalachakra teaching in Amravati. After this eventful day, Amravati came to be known as Shri Dhanyakataka in Sanskrit. Amravati is visited by archaeologists and numerous Buddhist pilgrims from across the world to see the ruins of the 2000-year-old Buddhist stupas and the museum which preserves the relics of this famous Buddhist site. In this small town of Amravati, you will find a number of religious statues, temples and monuments spread here and there.

The stupas of Amravati are richly carved with marble surfaced domes and pillars that attracts numerous archaeologists and pilgrims to the town. The grand carvings of the stupas in Amravati depicts scenes from everyday life of Lord Buddha, the chaityas and viharas of the said period, the murals and panels. The museum near Amravati preserves the remnants of the Buddhist influence which portrays the socio economical culture of the period. In Amravati you will also find a temple, dedicated to Lord Amarewara.

Amravati is well connected by the major cities of Andra Pradesh by well built roads. The Guntur district is only 35 kilometers away from Amravati while Vijayawada is 30 kilometers away. Tourists can access the domestic airport of the state in Vijayawada and drive to Amravati.

Last Updated on 15 July 2013