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Treasure Island Hyderabad

The Treasure Island is a quite renowned amongst the amusement parks situated in Hyderabad. It is very spacious stretching over an area of about 60 acres and a holiday-maker's paradise that offers an awesome blend of non-stop fun coupled with breath-taking scenic excellence of nature.

There is ample scope for horseback riding, billiards, shaking hips at a happening disco, engage in go-karting, plunging into the swimming pool and many more thrills in the Treasure Island of Hyderabad.

Special Features
  • A swimming pool that tempts you to take a dip and refresh yourself.

  • A huge vestibule that provide all sorts of board game facilities to the visitants. They have to take their pick from fun-filled games like table-tennis, chess, billiards and many others.

  • Jacuzzis to provide that touch of excellence that separates Treasure Island in Hyderabad from other amusements parks.

  • Camel rides are also available to give your kid some fond memories that he or she can cherish for the rest of his or her life.

  • There are other pleasures for the kids as well like they can watch ducks, deer, rabbits and many exquisite species of birds and play to their heart's desire on the lush green gardens.

  • There is an entire train of mouth-watering delicacies to satisfy your taste buds like barbecue delights, exotic recipes made with noodles, spicy tandoori dishes and many more.

  • Lodging arrangements are also quite good at the Treasure Island. There are 30 well-renovated cottages made of bamboos there.

  • It is located near Gandipet and the admission fee is Rs 600.

Last Updated on 11 July 2013