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Nizam Sagar Dam

Nizamsagar Dam is constructed over a tributary of the Godavari river in the region of Nizamabad district in Andhra Pradesh.

This place is situated to the north west of Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The distance from the state capital is approximately 145 kilometers and the towns which the dam stretches across the span are Achampet and Banjapalle.

Nizamsagar Dam is constructed on the river Manjira, which happens to be a tributary of the Godavari river. Nizamsagar Dam is an enormous dam which occupies a land cover of approximately 3 kilometers between the two towns of Achampet and Banjapalle.

This impressively constructed dam constitutes one of the major multi purpose projects conceptualized and executed by the government of India.

The dam even incorporates a traffic road above it that is almost 14 feet in width. The construction site is remarkable for considerable scenic beauty. The place is rather popular as a great picnic spot.

Nizamsagar Dam is by itself a great appeal, drawing people from all age groups, including students, who often turn up in crowds to see it. The place has an unusually serene atmosphere which may be perceived even from a distance.

The lake that has come into being in the area because of the dam is also a beautiful water body. Water sourced from this lake is used to irrigate the lush fields that lie close to it.

Nizamsagar Dam is a local landmark of Hyderabad, attracting visitors in large numbers due to its picturesque location.

Last Updated on 12 July 2013