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Ocean Park


Ocean Park is one of the most visited amusement parks in the city of Hyderabad. It is situated at Gandipet, around 15 km from the city, and is the second-largest water park in Hyderabad.

History and Architecture

Major Attractions Spread across 20 acres, this beautiful, well-maintained park has something to offer to every individual. The water sports section is specially designed for the water rides, and there is a pool where the kids can enjoy the Mushroom Umbrella, Corrugated Umbrella, wave slides, tube slides, wide slides, titling buckets, and much more. For adults there are water rides like the Pendulum, Aqua Snake, Tornado, Crazy Cruise, Aqua Trail, Aqua Glide, Harakiri, Zip-Zap-Zoom, and Splash. It has an artificial water body called the Wave Pool, which simulates the waves of an ocean. The amusement games section consists of rides that are water-free but equally thrilling. For kids, there are games like Jumping Frogs, Mini Columbus, Peacock Train, Sun and Moon, Multi Play System, Candor, and Monkey Ride. Adults have other options also, such as the circulating giant teacups, swinging ships, brake dance, and super jet skiing. Some of the rides have extra charges.


Ocean Park remains open on all days of the week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For a certain period of time every day, the rides remain closed for safety inspection. Further, rides are not operated beyond 6 p.m.

Entry Fee

For adults, entry fee is Rs. 400 per head, and for kids it is Rs. 250 per head. Once paid, visitors can enjoy all the free rides inside the park. It should be noted that some of the rides charge extra. There are special discount packages for students - college students pay Rs. 220 and school students are charged only Rs. 190 if they can produce documents of enrollment.


Ocean Park is situated at Gandipet, which is roughly 15 km from the main city. The nearest landmark is the Osman Sagar Lake.

How to reach

Buses for Ocean Park are run from Hyderabad on a daily basis (bus numbers are 120M, 120, 220J, 220S, and 220V). One can also go by a cab or private transport. The park can be reached easily from Mehadipatnam.

Last Updated on : 17/10/2013