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Museums in Hyderabad

The museums in Hyderabad preserves the artifacts of historical importance and exhibits them efficiently to the viewers so that they can have a bird's eye view of the life style, culture as well as the social and political aspects of the ancient period.

The historical city of Hyderabad offers a number of attractions to its tourists. The old city was ruled by a number of dynasties in the past and left behind great treasures in the form of monuments, art and crafts, various artifacts, weapons, metal ware, textiles, archaeological pieces and more. All these valuable symbols of the rulers of the bygone years are preserved beautifully in the museums of Hyderabad.

The museums in Hyderabad portray paintings from various schools of art such as Malwa, Deccani, Meewar and Kangra schools. Hyderabad Museums also preserve palm leaf miniatures, miniatures from the ancient art schools.

The primordial evidences of the past are preserved in museums of Hyderabad that are located at the city center to tell the tale of the ancient glories of Indian society. The museums in Hyderabad thus are the only structures that provide live records of various events of history.

The Hyderabad Museums have a large collection of arts and antiquities and other very useful information and insights that gives us a depth knowledge of the past culture and civilization.

The city boasts of several museums that are spread throughout the city. Some popular museums in Hyderabad include the following:
  • The Health Museum
  • The Shilparamam
  • The Birla Planetarium
  • The Nizam's Museum
  • The State Archaeological Museum
  • The Salar Jung Museum
  • The Khajana Building Museum

Last Updated on 12 July 2013