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Thousand Pillar Temple

The Thousand Pillar Temple is one of the very old temples of south India built by the Kakatiyans of Chalukyan dynasty. It is believed that the marvelous thousand pillared temple was built by King Rudra Deva in 1163 AD.

The Thousand Pillar Temple in Hyderabad is a specimen of the Kakatiyan style of architecture of the 12th century. The Thousand Pillar Temple of Hyderabad with its ruins lies in the near the Hanamkonda-Warangal highway, about 150 kilometers from Hyderabad city.

The Thousand Pillar Temple in Hyderabad is beautiful star shaped with several shrines and lingams. There are three shrines inside the temple called the Trikutalayam. The three shrines of the Thousand Pillar Temple are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. The Thousand Pillar Temple of Hyderabad is surrounded by a big garden in which many small lingam shrines can be seen. Further you can see 1000 richly carved pillars with an impressive Nandi bull in the thousand pillared temple. Nandi bull was carved out of a black basalt monolith polished carefully to give it a brilliant look.

The Hyderabad Thousand Pillar Temple is constructed on a platform that is raised to 1 meter height from the ground level. The temple is provided with a number of pillars which are beautifully carved and adorned. You will see the delicate stone work which definitely adds charm and beauty to this Thousand Pillar Temple of Hyderabad. Further you will see rock cut elephants and perforated screens in the temple which are the characteristic of the then prevailing dynasty.

The Hyderabad Thousand Pillar Temple is famous for its beautifully carved pillars, screens and detailed sculpture. During your trip to Hyderabad don't forget to visit this spectacular ancient temple of the century.

Last Updated on 15 July 2013