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Lakes in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is famous for its lakes. The peaceful environment of the lakes in Hyderabad provides the perfect foil to the hustle and bustle of contemporary Hyderabad city.

The lakes in Hyderabad serve as nesting grounds for many migratory birds. The birds come to the lakes in Hyderabad every winter and this natural phenomena is a visual treat to the people who has come to visit the lakes.

The lakes in Hyderabad are also used for recreational purposes; water sports like para-sailing and water scooter are frequently held here. Please note that these activities on the water of the lakes in Hyderabad requires a nominal fee to be paid to the authorized and proper authorities.

The lakes in Hyderabad are man made. The Hyderabad lake was built with a practical function of storage of water for optimal use of the life giving liquid when and where it is required.

The Deccan topography of the Hyderabad region facilitated the construction of lakes in Hyderabad. The practice of constructing water bodies like lakes was followed in the Hyderabad region from ancient times.

These water reservoirs provided drinking water to millions and helped recharge the groundwater level of the area.

Hyderabad and its surrounding regions get the maximum amount of rainfall during the South West monsoon period of the Indian climate chart.

Most of the rainfall occurs during the months from June to September. The principal function of the lakes in Hyderabad is to store the rain water and utilize the liquid resource in times of need.

When in Hyderabad-visit the lakes! It is an experience like no other!

Last Updated on 12 July 2013