CFTRI Mysore

CFTRI Mysore also known as Central Food Technological Research Institute is one of the best organizations in India which offers advanced and authentic solutions to various food sectors. The areas in which CFTRI of Mysore offers its expertise are as follows:

  • process engineering and plant design
  • basic food system and processes
  • technology options
  • food biotechnology
  • professional training
  • analytical quality testing

The nutritional, chemical, biophysical, toxicological, microbiological, sensorial profiling and physiological traits of various food components are successfully tested by the Central Food Technological Research Institute of Mysore. The result of such test states the viability, quality and grade of a particular food product. Before launching a specific food item in the market different companies often wish to verify the authenticity of their products through the help of Central Food Technological Research Institute.

Central Food Technological Research Institute of Mysore is supported by a number of sections that collectively enhance the functioning of the main organization. Department of information and publicity, central instruments facility and services, technology transfer and business development and planning, monitoring and coordination are some of the prime support wings of Central Food Technological Research Institute.

There is a research and development section of CFTRI in Mysore which specializes in a wide array of fields. Some of the specific domains in which the Central Food Technological Research Institute has a dominance are:

  • fruit and vegetable technology
  • biochemistry nutrition
  • sensory science
  • lipid science and traditional food
  • flour milling, baking & confectionery
  • food engineering
  • grain science and technology
  • food safety & analytical quality control laboratory
  • plant cell biotechnology
  • food microbiology
  • fermentation technologies and bioengineering
  • meat, fish and poultry technology
As a whole CFTRI Mysore presents a comprehensive and effective solution base to the food industries through its high-end resources and well-trained personnel.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011

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