Industries in Mysore

The economy of the city of Mysore flourishes owing to the presence of some of the prominent industries in Mysore. The city has some of the major industries involved in the manufacture of agricultural products and automotive. Mysore is also one of the cities known for its booming industries manufacturing computer and software products. The manufacturing industries of Mysore are renowned for their electrical and electronic products. The industries at Mysore also specialize in the production of the home consumable products.

The growth in the industrial sector of Mysore is made possible by the well developed infrastructure of the city. The tertiary sector of Mysore is well programed with the banks and the fund providers that make the availability of loans an easy process increasing the scope of expansion of the industrial sector. Raw materials for the manufacturing industries of Mysore arrive from the different parts of the state. The infrastructure of the city permits an easy accessibility of the raw materials and the finished products to and from the city. Some of the functioning industries of Mysore are mentioned below:

  • Hexmoto Controls Pvt. Ltd
  • Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd
  • Software Paradigms (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mysore Polymers & Rubber Products Ltd.
  • Divya Engineering Works (P) Ltd
  • Advance Components & Instruments Pvt. Ltd
  • Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd
  • Labland Biotechs Private Limited
The economy of the second largest city of the state of Karnataka is heavily dependent on the growth of the industries in Mysore. The government earns a huge revenue from the emerging industrial sector of Mysore.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011

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