Real Estate and Property in Amritsar

Amritsar, situated in northwest Punjab, is a state that is rich in religion, industry and cultural heritage. The Real Estate and Property in Amritsar is one of the most thriving sectors of the state's economy due to the high rate of expansion of the property sector. The steady escalation of land prices has infused a sense of despair in the people of Amritsar who yearn to buy a plot for themselves at reasonable rates.

The bustling Amritsar City is gradually moving towards the vanguard of industries. Consequently, the real estate is booming in the densely populated city. Property appreciation is the highest in Punjab's capital city, Chandigarh and closely approximates the phenomenal growth witnessed in the Indian capital, New Delhi where the market is performing in sync with the ongoing trend of augmenting end user investments in real estate. Thus emergence of several medium and big companies in and around Amritsar is resulting in a growth of both commercial property market and residential property market.

Some of the eminent properties in Amritsar include a Rs.10,000,000 property in the city's esplanade. The Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) also has a few plots who dimensions vary from 200-250 sq. yards and 300-500 sq. yards at the S.G. Enclave, Global City. Another lucrative buy in the sector of Real Estate and Property in Amritsar is the 5400 sq. yards of land sited near the Springdale School, Amritsar. The strategic location is ideal for setting up a swank mall, hospital or even a sprawling residential complex or housing estate.

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