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Sadar Bazaar Market in Delhi

Where is Sadar Bazar Market?

Sadar Bazar Market is a renowned shopping area in the capital city of Delhi in India. Sadar Bazar, though a very common name given to many markets located in different places of the country, is one of the famous markets in North Delhi. Specifically, this market is situated at the western part of the Khari Baoli Street in old Delhi.

What is Sadar Bazar Market famous for?

Sadar Bazar Market in Delhi is the biggest wholesale market in the city. The market houses a number of household items. This market is even said to be one of the leading wholesale spice marketplace in Asia. Besides being the major market area of the capital of the Republic of India, Sadar Bazar Market is a hub of social, political and commercial activities.

How to reach Sadar Bazar Market?

Sadar Bazar Market, being a popular place in Delhi, is quite well-connected to the rest of the city by local buses, auto-rickshaws or private taxis. Proximity to the Sadar Bazaar Railway Station connects the market to the remote areas of Delhi. Besides this, Delhi metro rail even helps people reach the place within a short span of time. Delhi Main is the nearest metro rail station to the market.

What are opening hour of Sadar Bazar Market?

Delhi's Sadar Bazar Market remains open everyday except Sunday for the convenience of people. This market area remains over crowded throughout the day.

Bazar Market's fame even lies in selling crackers during Diwali, which is one of the major festivals in India. Besides that, the narrow lanes of the shopping area includes numerous shops, which excel in selling goods made in China like electronic goods, cloths, leather items, shoes and many more.

Sadar Bazar Market in Delhi is even known as the location of some of the popular restaurants serving authentic Indian delicacies prepared in pure butter or ghee as well as 100 kinds of sweets. Besides being an ideal place of shopaholics, this is what makes Sadar Bazar Market very much popular to even food lovers.

Last Updated on : March 01, 2013