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Old Fort Delhi

Old Fort Delhi
Old Fort of Delhi is a fascinating building that survived the ravages of time. The Old Fort or the Purana Qila is also known as the 'Qila-i-kuhna masjid' built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541. Old Fort at Delhi is a perfect example of Lodi style of architecture in Delhi. The architecture of the Old Fort of Delhi is a fine blend of the Hindu elements together with the Muslim style of arches and domes. In short the style of architecture of the Old Fort can be considered as a secular architectural style.

The mosque in the Delhi Old Fort has a tranquil environment. The prayer hall of the mosque is about 51.20 meters by 14.90 meters. There are five doorways and horseshoe-shaped arches in the mosques of the Old Fort of Delhi. The whole structure of the Delhi Old Fort was made up of red sandstone with contrast of marbles.

The construction of the Old Fort in Delhi is said to have been started by Humayun, the Afghan ruler. But Sher Shah after defeating Humayun is said to have completed the structure. Thus the fort displays a sheer blend of Mughal, Hindu and Afghan architecture, creating an impressive sight. A shimmering lake near the Old Fort of Delhi allows boating facilities to the tourists.

The Delhi Old Fort is very near to the India Gate and the Humayun's tomb in New Delhi. No entry fee is charged to enter the Delhi Old Fort. The Delhi Old Fort is open from sunrise to sunset.

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Last Updated on : August 02, 2013