The temple known as Bappanadu is located close to the Shambhabhi River that flows by the Bappanadu village. As the Bappanadu Temple is situated in the Mulki town, it is approximately 29 kilometers away from the city of Mangalore. The resident deity at this temple is Goddess Shree Durgaparameshwari. The name Bappanadu signifies 'Bappa's village'.

According to a popular legend, a Muslim trader named Bappa Beary had played an exceedingly important role in the construction of the Bappanadu Temple near Mangalore. In the month of April, a very popular festival known as the 'Brahma Rathorsava' is feted in the temple. One of the chief attractions of the Bappanadu Temple at Mangalore are the musical drums that are kept near the premises of the temple. The most important drum is known by the name Bappanadu Dolu.

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Last Updated on 21 September 2011