Kudroli Mosque

The Kudroli Mosque is one of the most important tourist spots in the city of Mangalore in Karnataka. The Kudroli Mosque of Mangalore is situated in one of the most renowned regions of the city called Kudroli.

The Jode Mosque has been completely destroyed to build a new mosque in its place. The mosque of Kudroli is not only a religious site but also an educational center of the city. The authorities of the mosque at Kudroli also take part in a lot of social work. The construction work for the new Kudroli Mosque has been started in the month of March in 2007.

Two mosques were built at this part of the city. These two mosques were together known as the 'Jode Masjid', 'Jode Mosque' or 'Jode Palli'. The Jode Mosque was built a long time back in the pre-independence era.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011