Public Transports of Mangalore

Buses, auto rickshaws, etc, are some of the major public transports of Mangalore. The public transports of Mangalore help the passengers in Mangalore to reach the various destinations within the city of Mangalore.

The public transports at Mangalore makes traveling in Mangalore very easy and comfortable. The bus services operated by the private operators in Mangalore form an integral part of the public transports in Mangalore. The bus services operating across the length and breadth of Mangalore helps the people of Mangalore to reach the destinations spread across the city.

Moreover, there are two separate routes for the buses in Mangalore. The two different bus routes at Mangalore are the city routes and the intercity routes.
The city bus routes in Mangalore is covered by the city buses; whereas the intercity bus routes are served by the express buses and service buses. The service buses at Mangalore operate at the towns and villages adjoining Mangalore.

Among the other modes of public transports in Mangalore, the auto rickshaws deserves a special mention. The auto rickshaws seem to be an important part of transportation in Mangalore. The auto rickshaws plies to the different destinations within the city and enable the travelers to reach the different parts of the city paying a minimal charge.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011