Kukke Subhramanya

The Kukke Subhramanya Temple is located in the heart of the Subramanya village in Sullia Taluk. This intricately designed temple is surrounded by sparkling rivers, tall mountains and verdant woods. As the Kukke Subhramanya Temple is only 100 kilometers from Mangalore, it is easily accessible by buses and taxis.

In the past, the Kukke Subhramanya Temple in Mangalore was known by the name 'Kukke Pattana'. Anandagiri had observed in 'Shankara Vijaya' that the great personality, Shankaracharya had camped at this place for a couple of days. This event took place during his religious expedition known as 'Digvijaya'. Shankaracharya had also mentioned the Kukke Subhramanya Temple at Mangalore in his book 'Subrahmanya Bhujangaprayata Stotram'. He had referred this place as 'Bhaje Kukke Lingam'.

The Kukke Subhramanya Temple of Mangalore is dedicated to God Subrahmanya, who is associated with snakes. It has been mentioned in the epics that divine serpents, like Vasuki, and others had found safety under him. The pilgrims have to cross the Kumaradhara River in order to reach this destination. Some of them also take a bath in this river before visiting the temple.

The tourists should visit the following sacred spots:-

Kukkelinga: A small group of lingas is known by the name of Kukkelinga. The locals believe that these lingas had got this particular name as they were worshiped collectively in a basket. Others say that the word Kukke must have been derived from the word 'Kukshi' that means cave. But these lingas have now been installed in the temple.

Bhairava Devaru: This is a shrine that is consecrated to Lord Bhairava.

Shri Subrahmanya Swamy: As the main entrance to this temple lies to the east, the shrine of Shri Subhramanya Swamy lies opposite to it. This temple has a Garuda pillar in between the portico and sanctuary.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011