Surathkal Beach

The Surathkal Beach is one of the most commonly visited places that are located in the Mangalore city in Karnataka. The people who come to visit the city from the other parts of the country as well as abroad to spend a vacation often travel to this beach, as it offers a lot of serenity.

One of the reasons for which the Surathkal Beach is quite popular among the tourists is the beautiful natural surroundings that the place offers. It is an ideal halt for the visitors who want to spend some time away from the crowded and busy city life. One of the major attractions of the Surathkal Beach at Mangalore is the beautiful scenic view that it offers at the time of sunset.

Other than the fascinating surroundings, the Surathkal Beach of Mangalore is also widely visited for the light house that is situated in this region of the city.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011