Mangalore to Mudabidri

Mangalore to Mudabidri is one of the finest travel routes in South India. Tourists prefer it because of the exquisite sceneries that it offers to them. One also gets the lifetime opportunity of exploring the nature and beauty of this South Kannada region.

The tour circuit to Mudabidri from Mangalore is 35 kilometers long. It is mainly used by the Jain pilgrims as Mudabidri is one of the significant Jain pilgrimage in South India. The place is a home to 18 Jain monasteries which are also known as basadis.

Apart from Jain pilgrims, the travel circuit from Mangalore to Mudabidri is also thronged by other tourists. People from around the world visit the basadis to check out the largest of all the eighteen monasteries. The largest of all the basadis have 1000 pillars and this is why it is also known as thousand pillars basadi. lass="intnl_contr_link_block">