Mangalore to Dharmastala

The excursion from Mangalore to Dharmastala is one of the finest tours one can take in this South Kannada region. The whole journey to Dharmastala can be done through road or railways from Mangalore. However, the best way of covering the 65 kilometer long journey is road. One can explore the magnificent beauty of this region which comprises of river, hills and green lands covered with colorful blossoms.

Dharmastala being a Jain pilgrimage center attracts thousands of Jain pilgrims every year. But the most amazing thing about this place is the communal harmony that can be witnessed here. People of almost every religion such as Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, live in this majestic land. Tourists also take up the tour from Mangalore to Dharmastala so as to witness the charming beauty of the place.

Jains take up the tour to Dharmastala from Mangalore for it is the place where the Lord Shri Manjunatha Swami (another form of Lord Shiva) and the Jain Tirthankara are worshiped together. The best time to travel from Mangalore to Dharmastala is during the Laksha Deepotsava festival which is celebrated between the months of November and December. Thousands of worshipers as well as tourists throng the place to witness the magnanimous beauty of Dharmastala in the bright glow of 100,000 oil lamps.

Other attraction in the travel route from Mangalore to Dharmastala is the statue of Bhagaban Bahubali which is situated on the top of the Rathnagiri Betta hill. The statue has a height of 52 feet and it weighs around 200 tons. The statue was built by the famous sculptor Shri Renjala Gopala Shenoy of Karrkala.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011