Kadri Manjunatha Temple

The Kadri Manjunatha Temple is not only one of the most important temples that are located in the city of Mangalore, but also one of the most significant tourist destinations of the place. The Kadri Manjunatha Temple of Mangalore is located on the Kadri hills. Set amidst a lot of scenic beauty, this temple is often visited by the tourists who take special interest in visiting places of religious importance.

If one wants to visit the Kadri Manjunatha Temple at Mangalore, then he can easily travel to this place, as it is situated at a small distance away from the bus stand of the Nehru Maidan Service. A number of surface transports can be availed for traveling to this temple of the city.

The Kadri Manjunatha Temple in Mangalore was established in the 11th or the 10th century. But it was in the 14th century that the structure of the temple was transformed into a complete stone construction.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011