Mangalore to Udipi

The tour circuit from Mangalore to Udipi is one of the most popular travel routes in South Kannada region. Tourists prefer this route because they get the chance to explore the nature, vegetation, wildlife and lifestyle of the common people living there.

The excursion route from Mangalore to Udipi is 58 kilometers long. The route is very well connected with roads. The serene nature and the charming beauty of the travel route are an added attraction.

The main attraction of the tour circuit to Udupi from Mangalore is the Krishna Temple situated in Udupi. The temple being a Hindu pilgrimage attracts thousands of devotees every year. Apart from the devotees, the place is also thronged by tourist from around the world to witness the chariot made of gold and decorated with valuable jewels and precious stones.

At the Krishna Temple in Udipi, one must check the Kanakana Kindi. It is a small window and the locals believe that Lord Krishna appeared at this window to bless his passionate devotees. The travel route from Mangalore to Udipi consists of other attractions as well. One must check out the ashram of Saint Madhwacharya who lived here 700 years ago. His teachings are now being spread by his followers.

The travel route of Mangalore to Udipi is one of the favorite travel routes of tourists in South India because they get the chance of pampering their taste buds with the mouth watering and delicious Masala Dosas.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011