Kadri Manjunatha

It has been speculated that the Kadri Manjunatha Temple dates back to approximately 1068 AD. This particular temple is constructed in the shape of a square and also bestowed with nine tanks. Many pilgrims travel to Mangalore in order to witness stunningly beautiful temple known as the Kadri Manjunatha Temple.

It has also been speculated that the bronze statue inside the Kadri Manjunatha Temple at Mangalore is the finest bronze statue in India. This statue is known by the name 'Lokeshwara'. The king named Kundavarma Bhupendra had constructed a 'mutt' at the top of a hill. This 'mutt' later came to be known as 'Jogimatt'. Another attraction at the Kadri Manjunatha Temple of Mangalore is the group of stone caves. The locals believe that the illustrious Pandavas had once inhabited these caves.

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Last Updated on 21 September 2011