New Mangaluru (Mangalore) Port

The New Mangalore Port is one of the major ports of India, which is situated in the city of Mangalore in the Karnataka state. This port has been constructed on the latest technology to provide the best port facilities to the people of the place. The port has been established in such a way that it can bear all kinds of climatic hazards. The port of Mangalore is located in north of the port of Kochi and 170 nautical miles towards the south of Mormugao.

The New Mangalore Port is well known not only in the city but throughout the state, as it is the one and only important port in Karnataka. The port has a lot of contribution in the economic development of the state of Karnataka. The projects that are associated with the port at Mangalore were initiated in the year 1962 and were finally completed in the year 1974.
In the month of May in 1974, the port in Mangalore was announced to be the 9th important port in India. It was officially opened up on the 11th of January, in the year 1975.

Since 1st of April, in the year 1980, a board was established specially for the administration of the New Mangalore Port. The name of this trust is the Port Trust Board. Initially, the port was under the management of the central government of the country. From this time onwards, the Port Trust Board has been operating as the 10th significant trust for ports of India.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011