Kudroli Gokarnatheswara

Kudroli Gokarnatheswara is one of the most popular and beautiful temples of Mangalore. Situated just 3 kilometers away from the main hub of Mangalore, the temple is devoted to Lord Gokarnatha, another name of Lord Shiva. It was built by one of the ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, H. Koragappa in 1912 as per the wish of Shri Narayana Guru.

But the credit for the beauty of Kudroli Gokarnatheswara temple at Mangalore goes to the son of Koragappa. He got the temple renovated in the year 1990 by the famous architect named Sthapadi K. Dakshinamoorthy who gave it a look which was inspired from Chola style of architecture.

Kudroli Gokarnatheswara temple in Mangalore is known as Kudroli because it was built on a land where horses used to graze during the reign of Tipu Sultan. In the local language, Kudre means horse and this is why it was named Kudrevali which was later transformed to Kudroli.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011