Mangalore Excursions

Mangalore Excursions allow the tourists to explore this coastal region of Karnataka. These excursions are not only great sources of entertainment; rather they also offer knowledge and information to the tourists. During these Excursions, tourists get a lifetime opportunity to explore the nature, vegetation, wildlife, culture and traditions of Mangalore.

One can go for various tours in Mangalore such as wildlife excursions, religious excursions, beach excursions and so on. Being a coastal region, excursions to Mangalore beaches are very popular. Tourists must go for the excursions from Mangalore to Malpe beach.

Other famous destinations for excursion around Mangalore are Dharmastala, Karkala, Udipi and Mudabidri. These are places famous for religious excursions in and around Mangalore. Tourists must visit these sacred places to witness the tranquil environment and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011