Mangala Devi

The Mangala Devi Temple lies at a distance of approximately 3 kilometers to the southwest of Mangalore city. As a matter of fact, the word 'Mangalore' comes from the name of the resident deity of this temple in Karnataka. The deity is known by the name of Goddess Mangaladevi. The Mangala Devi Temple was constructed in the 10th century to commemorate the princess of Malabar Mangale.

The Goddess Mangaladevi is revered in this temple as a symbol of 'shakti' or power. A very popular festival is celebrated there in the month of October. This particular festival also takes place during the 9 days of 'Navaratri'.

Legend has it that there was an integral connection between the Mangala Devi Temple at Mangalore and Kadri Manjunatha Temple. This undying bond even exists today.
It is evident from the fact that a fairly large number of hermits of Kadri Yogirajmutt still visit the Mangala Devi Temple of Mangalore. They undertake this journey during the early days of the Kadri Temple Festival. They also make it a point to offer silk and prayers to appease the deity.

The Mangala Devi Temple in Mangalore had also influenced the name of Mangalapura. The residents of Mangalapura have tremendous faith on Goddess Mangaladevi. The maidens also observe the 'Mangala Parvati Vrata'. They believe that by doing this they will get a very charming and suitable groom. The locals also believe in the fact that those who get married at this holy spot have a very happy and prosperous married life.

Last Updated on 21 September 2011