Mangalore Buses

Mangalore buses provide a good network of services that connect Mangalore to the different parts of Karnataka, as well as of India. Mangalore buses seem to be one of the most convenient modes of transport. The bus stations of Mangalore operate a wide range of buses such as express buses, deluxe buses, shuttle buses, semi deluxe, etc. The buses ply from Mangalore to the different cities of India, viz. Bijapur, Hassan, Mysore, Madurai, Mumbai, Ernakulam, Coimbatore, Bangalore, etc.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation plays an integral role in the bus services of Mangalore. The Corporation runs a number of buses at Mangalore that ply to the different parts of Karnataka. In fact, the bus route from Mangalore to Bangalore is the most important bus route in the state of Karnataka. Due to the absence of passenger train, the buses in Mangalore seem to be the most popular mode of transport.

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