Multilevel Parking Locations in Delhi

Any metropolitan city has one common challenge, among many others, and that is the problem of inadequate parking space for vehicles. New Delhi which beats all the other Indian cities by having almost twice the number of vehicles tops the chart when it comes to problems relating to parking space.

One can often encounter people in the streets having a combat over parking space and shouting abuses at each other because one person happened to park his vehicle at a place which is supposedly reserved for the other person. A bit of observation on Delhi street brawls will bring to light the fact that more than half of arguments on the streets owe their origin to parking problems.

The number of vehicles in the country is increasing with each passing day making it all the more difficult to find a proper place where the vehicles can be parked. The problem becomes worse at public places like markets and malls.

It is not that the government is blind to this problem. Several multilevel parking spaces in the country are under construction as an initiative to resolve the issue. The city is likely to witness large spaces dedicated to the purpose of parking at different places. Some of the projects are completed, few under construction and some are still proposed. Few of the much talked of parking projects in the capital city are:
  • South Square - Sarojini Nagar
  • T3 Terminal - International Airport
  • Khan Market
  • Baba Kharak Singh Marg- Connaught Place
  • Underground Parking-Delhi High Court
  • Kamla Nagar

Last Updated on 1 March 2013