Short Term Courses after Class 12th

Short Term Courses after 12th

The Class XII Boards, also known as Higher Secondary, the stepping stone to one’s future is done and dusted for this academic year, and results have also been published. Students who have appeared for different entrance exams to the various colleges across the country now know their ranking. While some students have gained admission into a college of their choice, some have not. Some are also thinking of options other than college, options that will see them getting a job sooner than if they were to complete a degree course. The education system in India is indeed seeing the emergence of new trends wherein students are opting to specialise in their chosen field of study through diploma courses. These courses render the students expertise in their field of study and are very coveted. In fact, some of these courses even have an entrance test.

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Here is a comprehensive list of options available for students who have passed Class XII based on their plans for the future:

Students who are looking for job-oriented diploma courses

Apart from the new trend of opting for a diploma rather than a degree, some may also have a financial restraint that does not allow them to attend college. Well, these students need not worry because in the present age there are innumerable options of diploma courses which will help them find a job with ease in future. Some of them include:

  • Diploma in catering, business management, hospitality and aviation, fine arts, interior designing, computing application, journalism and mass communication, and engineering
  • Courses are conducted by the British Council in BPO Skills (telephone marketing and negotiating), and creative writing. On completion of these courses, jobs will be easily available in call centres or as a freelancer in creative writing.
  • Fashion Design is in vogue and one need not go through the rigmarole of a full degree course in the same. One can opt for diploma courses in Fashion Technology.
  • Many do not even know about the existence of a course in bartending, let alone an institute for the same. In India, there is the Indian Institute of Bartending (IIBT), which offers diploma courses. Job placement after this course is assured.
  • Learning a foreign language will help in securing a job as a translator. With the borders across the globe slowly erasing, translators are very much in demand.
  • There are a few new diploma courses that students are opting for. They include a Diploma in astrology, palmistry, physical education and yoga. With fitness in vogue, and worry about the future, these courses also promise a job in hand at the end of the course.

Courses Based on the stream taken in Higher Secondary


  • Diploma courses are available in nursing, physiotherapy, medical lab technician, radiology lab technician, diploma in ophthalmology and diploma in electrical, mechanical, civil, IT engineering, etc.


  • Commerce students have the option of going in for a diploma in banking, industrial accountancy, financial accounting, portfolio management and certificate programme in insurance.


  • Arts students have varied options. There are diploma and certificate courses available in gems and jewellery, RJ, sound recording, broadcast journalism, editing and production, filmmaking and direction, airport management and so on and so forth. In fact, the list is endless.

Students Taking a Sabbatical for a Year to Appear for the College Entrance Exams:

There are many students who opt to take a year off, so that they can work towards gaining admission into a college of their choice by re-appearing in the entrance exams. Well such students firstly need to understand that without the school and the Board exams to deal with, they will have more than ample time to prepare for the entrances. In fact, in most cases, too much time on hand may be detrimental. Such students in their spare time can do the following short courses, which will not only help them in future, but also give them a breather from the monotony of their subjects, and there will be something substantial to project in the CV for the gap year:

  • The student can enrol oneself in a Computer Course and learn software applications. There are varied options like Graphics, 3D Animation and Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Photography, Internet Marketing, etc.
  • One can also do a short course on English speaking and writing skills which will be helpful in future.
  • Students can appear for the TOEFL and the GRE. Though the scores are valid only for three years, it will be like a practice session.
  • There are some fun courses too, which will help like a stress buster. They include short courses on cooking and baking, learning a foreign language, Voice Modulation, the art of photography, etc.

The Sky is the Limit

There is no dearth of courses that come with assured job placement in India. Students just need to ascertain what they want to do and then accordingly opt for a course of their choice. Gone are the days when the only options seemed to be that of accountants, doctors, engineers and teachers. In the present age, apart from varied options, parents are also allowing the children to not join the bandwagon and create their own path of success. All the best to all the students of Class XII, for a very bright and successful future.

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