Mysore City Corporation

The Mysore City Corporation provides detailed and comprehensive information about the ancient city of Karnataka. An important administrative body, the Mysore City Corporation keeps a complete record of the statistics, budget and other important aspects of administration of the region.

The Mysore City Corporation is responsible for the urban areas of Mysore. Encompassing a population of 7.8 lakhs, the urban areas of Mysore are administered by important officials and well known ministers who are directly elected by the method of adult franchise of Karnataka.

The administrative body of Mysore City Corporation is led by the honorable Mayor. The administrative body takes care of the financial budget and registration of births and deaths of the city of Mysore. The body is also responsible for maintaining good roads and infrastructural facilities within and outside the city of Mysore.

Equipped with very efficient and experienced officials and elected members, the Mysore City Corporation provides the basic amenities of continuous water supply and electricity to the local citizens of the region.
The Mysore City Corporation plays a pivotal role in keeping the city clean and ensuring adequate road safety measures to avoid accidents and other unwanted incidents.

The highest administrative body of the urban areas of Mysore, the City Corporation carries out the census of the region with great precision and accuracy. The Mysore City Corporation earns its revenues from the various important taxes levied by the government on the indigenous local inhabitants of the city.

The well organized body of Mysore City Corporation has helped in the further progress of the region in the recent years.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011

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